An Integrated Mini-environment

Installation Services:


  1. Bullet    Less Than 1 PWP Throughput

  2. Bullet    Improves Process Yield

  3. Bullet    Improves Process Stability

  4. Bullet    Reduction In Contamination Related Defects

  5. Bullet    State-of-the-Art Contamination Control

  6. Bullet    Reduces Dependency on Ambient Conditions

  7. Bullet    Reduces Cleanroom Operating Costs

  8. Bullet    Improves Operator Safety

  9. Bullet    Customized Configurations

  10. Bullet    Organized Work in Progress

  11. Bullet    Minimizes Footprint

  12. Bullet    Optimizes Valuable Space

  13. Bullet    Ergonomic Design and Access

  14. Bullet    Seismically Protected

Customized configurations  are specifically designed and professionally installed by experienced experts that are well versed on cleanroom protocol.

Available Sizes:

Fabrication Materials:

Racks are 316 stainless steel with an electropolished finish. Also available in 306 stainless steel. Anodized extruded aluminum clamps are 6061T aluminum  with an anodized finish.

A mini-environment is a means of providing contamination control through the isolation of equipment and processes. It is an enclosure to separate personnel from equipment and to maintain locally controlled process environments. The mini-environment will allow access to the equipment for loading and maintenance.

Airtek provides two types of Mini-environments - Integrated and Stand-alone.

Integrating a controlled environment with the process tool is proven to improve throughput and performance and is now the standard for all 300mm equipment designs. Airtek’s tool integrated mini-environments are designed and engineered to provide precision contamination and environmental control for semiconductor manufacturing operating at cleanliness levels as low as ISO class 1.

Stand-alone mini-environments are capable of maintaining sub-class 1 to class 10 cleanliness levels in up to class 100,000 environments. Our designs are efficiently engineered for ergonomic operation and access.


  1. Bullet   ISO Class 1 - 3 Cleanliness 

  2. Bullet    Independently Controlled Process Zones

  3. Bullet    Ballroom and Bay/Chase Compatible Installations

  4. Bullet    Integrated Air Handling, Single Pass or Recirculating

  5. Bullet    200mm or 300mm Configurations

  6. Bullet    Hinged Lift Off Access Panels and Windows

  7. Bullet    Integrated Lighting

  8. Bullet    Ultra Low Out-Gassing Materials


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  1. Bullet    Ultra Clean Static Charge/ESD Control

  2. Bullet    Self Balancing Differential Pressure Controls

  3. Bullet    Integrated/Automated Exhaust

  4. Bullet    Temperature and Humidity Control

  5. Bullet    Integrated Chemical Filtration

  6. Bullet    Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish, Aluminum, or Plastic Panel Construction

  7. Bullet    In-Situ Monitoring


Flat Panel Display

Disk Drive

Compact Disk

Pharmaceutical Processing

Automated Wafer/Reticle Storage




Manual Access Interface


Wet Process

A Stand-alone Mini-environment

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