Racks attached to frames mounted on linear drives maximize cleanroom storage space

Airtek’s Reticle Storage System safely cradles each reticle box on all three sides. A partially exposed horizontal rod in the front prevents the cassettes from moving forward.

Optional HVAC systems and environmental controls are designed to meet specific requirements. Linear Drive Robots are located in the HVAC return plenum and recycled through the HVAC system to ensure no particle migration from moving parts. These custom configurations provide the needed security and inventory management for large quantities in a centralized location.


  1. Bullet    High Density Mass Storage System Specifically Designed for Photomask/Reticles

  2. Bullet    Unique Linear Robot Allows Optimal Space Utilization and Easy Access

  3. Bullet    Racks Maintain Security and Archive Inventory Management

  4. Bullet    Environmentally Controlled Class 1 Environment

  5. Bullet    Free Flow Design Optimizes Laminar Flow Around the Cassettes

  6. Bullet    Free Flow Design Reduces Particle Accumulation

  7. Bullet    Reliable Components and Accessories Guaranteed

Each photomask is stored and supported by an individual nest

Reticle/Photomask Storage Racks

Installation Services:


  1. Bullet    Eliminates Stacking

  2. Bullet    Easy Access to Reticles

  3. Bullet    Customized Configurations

  4. Bullet    Minimizes Footprint

  5. Bullet    Optimizes Valuable Space

Customized configurations  are specifically designed and professionally installed by experienced experts that are well versed on clean room protocol.

Installation Options:

LED Location Matrix

ISO 3 Cleanliness

Horizontal Laminar Airflow

Temp. and Hum. Control

ESD Control

View from the top -  racks located in a class 1 environment specifically designed and controlled for secure storage and access.

Our reticle storage capacity increased 60% after installing Airtek’s linear drive robot and storage system. We saved big dollars on relocation costs!” 

Vishay Siliconix

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