6” Wafer Storage Rack


  1. Bullet    Improves Yield

  2. Bullet    Eliminates Stacking

  3. Bullet    Easy Access to Cassettes

  4. Bullet    Customized Configurations

  5. Bullet    Organized Work in Progress

  6. Bullet    Minimizes Footprint

  7. Bullet    Optimizes Valuable Space

  8. Bullet    Low Wall Return Stays Clear

  9. Bullet    Low Wall Return Stays Clean

  10. Bullet    Floors Accessible for Cleaning

  11. Bullet    Seismically Protected

Airtek’s unique rack system safely cradles each cassette box on all three sides. A partially exposed horizontal rod in the front prevents the cassettes from moving forward.

These customized racks are installed to optimize valuable space and eliminates stacking.

This durable system allows users easy access to each cassette box while optimizing the speed and process of production.


  1. Bullet    Unique Wall Mount System Specifically Designed for Semiconductor Industry

  2. Bullet    Reduces Drops by Eliminating Stacking

  3. Bullet    Free Flow Design Optimizes Laminar Flow Around the WIP

  4. Bullet    Free Flow Design Reduces Particle Accumulation

  5. Bullet    Easy Access with Multiple Cassette Storage Options

  6. Bullet    Protects Valuable WIP

  7. Bullet    Customized Design Dimensions and Accessories Available for Production and Tool Requirements

Low Wall Return Stays Clear

Wafer Storage Racks

Wafer Storage Racks
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Racks are 316 stainless steel with an electropolished finish. Also available in 306 stainless steel. Clamps are 6061T aluminum  with an anodized finish.

Fabrication Materials:

Available Sizes:

Customized configurations  are specifically designed and professionally installed by experienced experts that are well versed on cleanroom protocol.

Installation Services: